Power Generators : Uninteruptable Power for Your Existing Gate or Door Motor

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Automatic Back-Up Power

Eskom Power failures giving you the blues?

Power Back up for  your existing Gate and Door Motor

Tired of being locked out by Eskom?
Back-up your existing gate or door motor with a home power unit
Effortless power for electrical equipment
Switches over automatically in the advent of a power failure
Unit automatically recharges it's battery pack when power is returned

Unit is an actual true 220 Volt AC UPS

Our units have a true Sine Wave 220 Volt Output that is identicle to the existing supply
Safely use any electrical equipment within variuos units power ratings
Larger Units are available
Watch TV for 5 Hours in a power failure
No need for a Generator Power both your existing door and gate motor
No need to replace expensive existing motors for battery back-up motors
Simple to Install
Unit can be expanded by adding additional batteries to allow for more operations and longer back-up.
Units switch over to back-up power automatically with a power failure

3000 Watt Home Power Home Power Generators

Watch TV with a Power Failure

Our smallest unit provides a 600 watt true sine wave output
Drive into your house and open your gate and door, with an extension cord from the power unit you can still power your TV for a few hours ( approx 3 to 5 ) and can expand unit if required. Our larger Home Power units 1400 watt or 3000 watt can power your existing lighting circuit and you never have to be caught in the dark again.
1400 watt unit can also power your microwave for 30 minutes on high
Better than a Generator
  • Automatic Switch over with a power failure
  • No need to start anything
  • No Maintenance
  • Does not use expensive petrol
  • Lightning Protection for equipment fed by units
  • Unit can be used as a UPS for your home computer ( With large Battery Pack you can use your computer for 10 Hours )
For more information and pricing see Back-Up Home Power
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No need to replace your existing gate or door motor

Effortless back-up power for your gate and door motor.