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Silkwood Wood Treatment Products

Wholesale and Retail Supplier of Silkwood®

We Treat all our Doors with Silkwood and Recommend it as a Maintenance Product
We stock the entire range of Silkwood products supplying many paint stores, construction companies and the general public.
Wood Maintenance coats should be applied when wood surface appears faded and dry.

Characteristics of Silkwood

These penetrating wood sealers minimise wood-degredation, such as cracking, end splitting, warping and grain-raise, which occur as a result of natural aging and climatic extremes. Available in Clear, Neutral, Golden Brown, Teak and Mahogony
  • Inclusion of hydrophobic ( water-repelling ) components
  • Inclusion of superior long chain hydrocarbons and fatty acids
  • Pigmented coatings that exhibit significant U.V. protection
  • Curing mechanisms ensure maximum penetration of the coating into the wood
  • Low maintenance characteristics

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Silkwood Wood Treatment Products are ideally suited to Garage Doors.