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Choose Elektro Door for Reliable Gate Motors

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Gate Motors and Gate Automation

Reliable Gate Motors

Elektro Door has been installing gate motors since 1984.

From experience gained we will select the right gate motor for your specific requirements from a list of reputable and reliable South African gate motor manufacturers.

Sliding Gate Motors

For typical household applications we use the Centurion D5 Gate Motor

centurion sliding gate motor

This motor with it's battery back-up, has proven itself for typical South African household gates weighing up to 500kg.
It offers 10 operations of your gate in an event of a power failure and has a suggested maximum usage of 100 gate operations per day.

The Following are On-Board Features of the Centurion D5 Gate Motor

  • Electronic Anti-Crushing Sensor for High and Reliable Safety
  • Auto-Close Facility
  • Internal Lockable Manual Over-ride
  • Oil Filled Gearbox for Long Gear Life
  • Lightning Protection on PC Board
  • High Speed (16 m/sec) for Greater Security
  • Intercom System can be powered from Gate Motor

  • Inside of Motor for Gate Automation

    The Gemini Gate Motor is also a close contender to the most reliable gate motor and depending on your preference can be used as well.

    Gemini Gate Operator

    Our Skilled Gate Motor Installation Team have installed 100's of gate motors.

    We recommend using steel rack which is securely welded to your gate for reliability and extra security.
    If your gate needs a service ( new rollers or wheels our installation team will gladly oblige.
    Bear in mind most Gate Automation sites that give problems, the problem is more than likely caused by the gate and it is better to ensure gate is working properly when automating the gate.
    We always send out a sales representative to give you a professional quote and ensure that there are no nasty suprises come installation day.
    Our sales representitives have all installed gate motors as well as intercoms and are highly knowledgeable in the Gate Automation World. They will gladly answer any of your questions and advice you as to the most cost effective and reliable gate automation option available.

    Industrial and Commercial Gate Motors

    Over the years, we have installed many specialised and reliable gate automation systems for clients.
    Kindly Contact us and we will send out a knowledgeable sales representative to assist you with the following:

  • Complex or High Frequency Gate Motors
  • Gates weighing up to 3 tons
  • Solar Powered Gate Systems
  • Swing Gates with Limited Side Room
  • High Security Applications
  • High Frequency Swing Gates
  • Swing Gate Automation

    There is a choice between a crank driven and piston type gate motor.

    swing gate motors crank-arm driven
    swing gate motor piston driven

    The crank arm motor offers a courtesy light that switches off after 5 minutes enabling better vision at night.
    The piston type motors are generally used in panhandles and other gate sites with limited side room.
    Kindly Contact us and we will send out a knowledgeable sales representative to quote you on swing gate automation.

    Gate Motor Repairs and Servicing

    Our highly trained service team can repair and service your existing gate motor and gate in and around Pretoria.

    We carry spares for the following gate motors

  • BFT
  • Came
  • Centurion
  • Digi-Gate
  • Gemini
  • Hansa
  • Nice
  • Remez

  • Kindly Contact us and arrange a service or repair to your gate motor

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    Gate Motors and Gate Automation

    We can service and repair most types of gate motors and intercoms around Pretoria. Repairs to gates, welding repairs to gates and replacement of gate wheels. Industrial and Commercial Gate Automation experts. Automatic sliding gates and automatic swing gates.