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Standard Garage Day-light Openings

Garage door measurements
  • Standard Single Width 2440mm by 2130mm High
  • Standard Double Width 4880 mm by 2130mm High
  • Standard Caravan Height 2500 mm
  • Side Room a minimum of 250 mm is recommended
  • Headroom or Lintel-room a minimum of 350 mm is recommended
  • Depth into Garage a minimum of 2100 mm is recommended
Important Points to Consider

The most common garage construction fault we encounter is obstructions ( beams etc.) in the path of the door opening ( Depth into Garage )

Ensure there is a minimum of 2100mm unobstructed space to allow garage door to open correctly

People often angle the roof of garage, make sure at lowest point there is a minimum of 350 mm lintel/headroom clearance.

On either side of the door leave a minimum 150 mm to fit the garage door hardware, as door is always wider than opening
250 mm minimum is recommended

If headroom/lintel height is a problem there are various restricted headroom options available. Contact us and a Sales Consultant will happily advice you.

Non-Standard Sizes and Purpose Made Doors can be Manufactured for Most Opening Sizes









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Standard Sizes for Garage Doors

Standard double garage door 4880mm by 2130 mm standard single garage door size building a garage, sizes to build garage